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Check out this short video to discover how to give away Complentary Vacations (1min 1sec) & Restaurant Vouchers (3min 10sec) to Your Leads, Prospects and Clients to scale your business faster than ever before


We Understand it Sounds Too Good to be True - See Why its a Win/Win for Resorts to Give Away Vacations (we have now given away over 315,000 trips)


The Advertising Boost Program is so amazing we often get asked - "but what is the catch, what am I missing?".  The reality is there is no catch. There is no time share presentations, there is no hidden surprises.  The only thing that some people could consider a catch is that we can give away free vacations valued at approximately $300 per night but there is still taxes payable of roughly $19.45 per night. As you can understand we have no control over Government requirements. Coming up soon we are going to build in the optional ability for you to pay the taxes in advance for your leads and clients if you like.

You Will Be Able to Give Away Complementary Vacations to These Amazing Locations

3 Night USA Vacation Locations


Las Vegas




Myrtle Beach

Daytona Beach

5 Night Mexico Beachfront Vacation Locations


Puerto Penasco


Nuevo Vallarta


7 Night Thailand & 5 Night Bali Beachfront Vacation Locations

Koh Samui



4 Night Spanish Beachfront Vacation Locations


Plus we have many more exciting locations coming on board soon.

From Our Experience We Have Found These Are Some of the Main Benefits You Will Receive For Your Business When You Offer Free Vacation, Restaurant & Hotel Vouchers to Your Customers...

Increased Customer Satisfaction

Your clients will 'light up with joy on their faces' when you give them a free holiday (we have yet to see one that isn't excited). Their opinion of you for doing this for them could not be higher. It's also exciting for the clients family.

A Competitive Advantage

Leads & Prospects who are considering multiple product or service offerings are significantly more likely to choose you over your competition because you are offering something cool & fun and making the bonus the prize.

Not Competing on Price

By having a clear competitive advantage offering you no longer need to keep dropping prices to compete as leads & prospects desire your offer over the competition. Better pricing results in increased profits for your business.

Good Will & Referrals

The most successful companies in the world all have 'raving fans' that tell everyone about them. Let Advertising Boost be your secret weapon for creating massive good will & referrals with your vacation & restaurant give aways.

Our Members Tell Us That Advertising Boost is Ideal For...

Business Owners

Sales Managers & Sales People

Marketing Managers & Marketers

Affiliate Marketers

The Advertising Boost Program Works to Grow the Leads & Sales For Nearly All Industries

A recent poll of the Advertising Boost Community showed that there are over 50 different industries and markets growing their businesses by giving away complementary Advertising Boost vacations and restaurant vouchers. You can see a small subset of those industries below...

Real Estate


Local Business

Credit Repair

Insurance / Auto & Property

Life Insurance / Retirement Planning

Medical & Natural Therapies

Beauty / Hair / Skin Care

Network Marketing

Home Improvement

Doctor / Dentist


Fitness Training / Gym


Weddings & Events


Your Next Steps

Advertising Boost is a brand new offering that was previously only available to large corporations and is now available to small and medium businesses.

This is a very unique period of time because free vacation, restaurant & hotel incentives / give away's are not main stream yet, but that will change very soon. Give your business a significant advantage over your competition by using 'Advertising Boost' as your secret weapon starting today.

Try Advertising Boost and test out giving away some vacation or restaurant vouchers to leads or clients and see their reactions for yourself. This may be the smartest thing you do in your business this year.

Advertising Boost Allows You To EXPLODE Your Profits WITHOUT Increasing Your Ad Budget!
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